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A Day In Port – Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, capital and largest city of Finland, is one of the least appreciated ports of call on a Baltic Sea cruise itinerary. It lacks a specific old town, such as seen in Tallinn, Estonia or Riga, Latvia. And it does not offer a royal palace with a changing of the guard as seen in Stockholm […]

Saint Petersburg Cruises & Visas – The Avid Cruiser

Saint Petersburg is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, but unlike the majority of European cities, it is not as easy to simply decide to visit, buy an airline or rail ticket and take off with passport in hand. Since the fall of the former Soviet Union, it has become easier to travel […]

Why Cruise to Iceland?

The very name Iceland is so forbidding that many people ask, “Why would I want to visit Iceland?” That is a fair question, so I will attempt to convince those who read this article that Iceland is well worth visiting, and there are a several cruise options that include this mid Atlantic island nation. For […]

Canada and New England Cruises – 2016

What is a “Leaf Peeper?” That is a term coined in the last few years to refer to those who travel to eastern Canada or New England between late September and the end of October to marvel at the magnificent beauty of the changing autumn colors. Leaf peeping has become a multi-million dollar travel industry […]

A Guide To Cruising The Baltic Sea In 2016

The Baltic Sea is the most popular summertime cruise destination in Europe. All the major cruise lines offer varied itineraries that enable guests to explore the shores of this northern sea, with some itineraries starting or ending in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam or London. Itineraries can be as short as one week or as long as […]

Cruising The Fjords of Norway

Now is the time to plan a Norwegian Fjords cruise for 2016, as they do fill up rapidly, this being one of Europe’s most popular cruise destinations. The weather is cool, the scenery fascinating and there is a serenity that makes the Norwegian fjords a true nature lover’s experience. The mountains west of Tromso are […]

The Elegant City of Stockholm

Many Baltic Sea cruises either begin or end in Stockholm. There is an elegance and gracefulness to Stockholm that is often difficult to put into words. You must be there to absorb the aura of this grand Scandinavian city. If I were younger and planning to move to Europe, Stockholm would be my first choice […]

Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen

The late Victor Borge often sang a song whose lyrics began “Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen, Salty Old Queen of the Sea …” This was a popular seaman’s ode to Denmark’s great capital, a city whose fortunes have been tied to the sea. The majority of Baltic Sea cruises either begin or end in Copenhagen. This gives […]

Istanbul – Where East Meets West

A cruise to Istanbul is for many travelers their first introduction to a part of the Islamic world. Turkey is officially a secular republic that is closely tied culturally and politically to Europe. This is a country where facets of European and Islamic culture blend together, especially in Istanbul. The city serves as a bridge […]

Skagway, Alaska and the White Pass Railroad

Skagway is a very small town, located at the upper end of Alaska’s Inside Passage. It has less than 1,000 full-time residents, yet it plays host to thousands of cruise passengers all through the summer season. For this reason, its population more than doubles during summer, as many young university students come for work and […]