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“Excellent for us people that have never visited Canada but will soon.”

“This is the best book so far for those who want to know more about Russia or make travels to Russia. Worth spending your money on such an amazing book! Highly recommended!”

“Perfect digital companion for this cruise. I’m only sorry it’s not available in print so that my wife could use it too. I’ve read the entire book at least once in preparation for our Feb 18 Holland America cruise, and I expect to re-read chapters on a daily basis as we continue. The book includes a digestible amount of historical, geographical background for the countries included, along with details for each port of call. Each chapter includes a selection of pictures for the site under discussion. It does not offer information on where to eat or stay, but does give general advice on what to do at each port.”

“When I was looking for guides for an up coming trip I came across this title. It’s perfect, for this is the exact trip I’m taking. This book covers everything in perfect detail for just the places I will be visiting. It also gives plenty of history, geography, and political background on Chile and Argentina. Other general guidebooks cover so much that you only get minor details on the specifics. Check the preview and table of contents, you will be pleased.”

“This book is the most informative book that I have read in reference to cruising from the U.S. east coast to the west coast. Combining geography and history along with tour information was most helpful.”

“Fairly thorough in regards to ports of call. Good background Information”

“Perfect for our Caribbean cruise! We just returned from it and it was so helpful getting ready as we had never been there.”